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● One Free first mug fill with membership fee


● 22 oz fill for 16 oz on premise pint price (For those who hate math, that's 6 free oz with every purchase. More math below*).


● One Free mug fill on your birthday within two weeks on either side of your birthday (meaning you don't actually have to come in to the shop on your birthday to take advantage).


● One Free mug fill on any staff person's birthday - staff person's beer choice - that day only.


● One Free mug fill on owner's birthday - within one week on either side of the date - your choice of beer.


● Free entry to the annual Mug Club after hours "kill the keg" party.  Meet other members.  Details still to be determined.  This will most likely happen in early 2016 after the holidays.


● Advance email about the "unicorn" beers - those fancy, one case per shop, one bottle per customer rarities that send beer geeks running around the city during work hours.  (NB:  because we'll have more Mug Club members than bottles per case, we still won't be able to offer any holds on said unicorns. But at least you'll know before everyone else when they're arriving at the shop and can plan your vacation time accordingly).


● Invite to Members Only Malt and Mold Field Trips to area breweries and tap rooms.


● If you choose not to renew, you keep that nice ceramic mug.


● We're limiting membership to 50 people total.


* Ah yes, the maths.  6 free oz per mug.  52 weeks per year.  If you buy one mug per week, you'll have received 312 free oz of beer.  16 oz per pint.  That's 19.5 free pints of beer.  Average pint price is $6. It's $117 in savings.  If you are the type of person who is currently purchasing one or more pints per week for on premise consumption (as the lawyers say), this will more than pay for the first year's initial payment.  In year two ($50 renewal) and thereafter, you'd be practically losing money if you don't join.  (And that's not even including the various freebies 

and whatnot).  Cheers!



The initial annual membership fee is $125 and the annual renewal after that is $75.  

You get a 22 oz ceramic mug that stays at the shop.

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