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Cheese Case Staples:


Cabot Clothbound Cheddar

Pasteurized, Cow, Vermont

A natural-rind, bandaged cheddar with a crumbly texture and nutty aroma, aged from 9 to 14 months. The flavor is deeply savory and slightly tangy with caramel sweetness to the finish.

Camembert Fermier

Pasteurized, Cow, France

Rich, buttery flavor with hints of mushrooms, perfect earthy notes and a long finish. 


Pasteurized, Sheep & Goat, France

A natural-rind tome made from a mix of sheep and goat's milk and aged for a minimum of 6 months. Its sweet and buttery flavor is perfectly balanced by slight tangy, earthy, nutty and herbal notes.


Pasteurized, Goat, Vermont

Made with fresh goats’ milk from family farms that is naturally coagulated overnight, drained and then shaped into logs.  This cheese is distinguished by a simple, mild, fresh goats’ milk flavor. 


Raw, Cow, France

A versatile alpine cheese rubbed with Guérande sea salt and aged for six to eight months on spruce planks. With a smooth texture and notes of apricot, hazelnuts and toffee, this is a great choice for a delicious grilled cheese. 

Cremeux de Citeaux

Pasteurized, Cow, France

A rich and silky triple cream produced at a small creamery in the Burgundy region of France. Its pristine bloomy rind encases a luscious, spreadable ivory interior. 


Pasteurized, Goat & Cow, Vermont

Local fresh cows’ milk and goats’ milk are combined with a shot of Vermont cream to create a lusciously silky paste wrapped in a geotrichum rind. This double cream features a rich flavor with a slightly tangy finish.

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Dunbarton Blue

Pasteurized, Cow, Wisconsin

A natural-rind cheddar-meets-blue cheese. Made by a fourth-generation producer, it is hand crafted and cellar-cured, featuring the earthy character of a fine English-style cheddar, coupled with a subtle hint of blue veining.


Raw, Cow, Switzerland

Made from the milk of Brown Swiss cows from small co-op farms, this cheese has flavors of toasted nuts and caramel. A great choice for cold winter nights, it’s an excellent melter. Use it in a classic fondue, a grilled cheese or mac n’ cheese. 


Raw, Sheep, Spain

Spain's most popular cheese. The Corcuera family produces this in the province of Toledo using same day milk, resulting in a more buttery Manchego. Aged for eight months, it develops a sharp and nutty flavor. Do like the Spaniards and pair with quince paste.

Mt. Tam

Pasteurized, Cow, California

Cowgirl Creamery's signature cheese, a smooth triple-cream made with organic milk and aged a mere three weeks. Mt. Tam is firm, yet buttery with a mellow, earthy flavor reminiscent of white mushrooms.

Mycella Blue

Pasteurized, Cow, Denmark

This Danish blue is produced on Bornholm Island and aged about four months. It has a dense paste and a particularly creamy mouthfeel for such a mature blue. The flavor includes traces of stone fruit with a gentle finish. 


Narragansett Mozzarella

Pasteurized,Cow, Rhode Island

This mozzarella is made with local milk, kind bacteria, vegetable-based rennet, salt and nothing else. It has a buttery aroma and a feathery finish. 


Raw, Cow, New York

Jos Vulto makes crazy stinky cheeses. He used to age them under a sidewalk in Brooklyn (for personal consumption, of course.) Now he makes them upstate so he can share them with us. Subtle at first, this washed-rind’s flavor comes in at the middle and then stays and stays.